our academy was founded in March 2015 with the goal of developing jump rope as a new and unique sport in Russia.

we have organized exciting intensive workshops with invited stars from all other countries, have built national team of professional athletes, supported and conducted large-scale championships in Russia.

our academy was a full member of the world organization International Jump Rope Union (IJRU), and not only we actively developed jump rope in Russia, but also worthily represented our country at the World Championships.

jump rope is not just a sport.
this is a whole culture.

most important
    • professional sports base in Tel Aviv
    • acrobatics classes
    • 3 meals a day in a buffet style
    • 10+ hours of jump rope practices - morning and evening trainings
    • team games
    • professional photo and video
    • party
    • accommodation in a 3* hotel

    workshop "ALL IN" (preview)

    hotel complex 3*

    accommodation in 3-bed rooms

    how it was
    training process
    thanks to a unique sports program, the student will learn:
    • jump fast;
    • endurance jump rope;
    • jump while performing acrobatic tricks with a rope;
    • jump while performing various manipulations and dances with a rope;
    • jump tricks with double, triple rotations of the rope;
    • come up with his own combinations of movements;
    • jump and surprise by performing various elements in the double dutch
    current jump rope athletes and qualified coaches in Tel Aviv
    ex-coaches of the Russian national jump rope team, main organizers of competitions and massive jump rope events in Russia
    - head coach of the ippi academy
    - one of the main popularizers of jump rope in Israel
    - prize-winner of the 2015 World Jump Rope Championship
    - ex-coach of russian national team

    experience in teaching and coaching – 13 years

    - head choreographer of ippi academy
    - two-times World Jump Rope Champion
    - one of the main popularizers of jump rope in Israel
    - participant in many TV-shows
    - ex-athlete in national russian jump rope team

    Experience in teaching and coaching – 6 years

    here we tried to answer frequently asked questions