ippi show

first jump rope show in Israel
Unique show programs that include elements of jump rope with dancing and acrobatics.

Jump Rope is no longer just a sport! It is an essential part of large-scale show programs (Cirque du Soleil, NBA), advertising campaigns of world brands (Adidas, New Balance) and the basis of the storyline for music clips (Yves LaRock - Rise Up) and movies ("Jump in" from Disney)

This is a new unique product in the event industry market, actively developed in USA, Europe and other countries. Jump rope is gradually starting to gain popularity in Israel
what can we do?

performances with show programs

providing interactive sessions with audiences, master classes, team building events, flash mobs
choreographing and direction of unique show programs based on individual requests
we participated:

- Show on Channel one "Best of All!"
- Morning talk show on channel one
-World Championship Portugal


- First Channel "Good Morning"
- Sports festival from Sberbank
- School Sports Festival
-World Championship USA

- World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi
- CSKA Basketball Day
- Hip Hop Union Day 2018 at the US Embassy
- First Channel "Good Morning"
-World Championship USA

-Luzhniki "City Day"
-First Channel "Good Morning"
-Match TV
-Crocus City Hall Fitness Expo
-World Championship in Norway

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