My name is Yana

Before jump rope, I never played any sports at all, I was more interested in creative hobbies: I played saxophone, studied in drama school, learned Japanese, loved baking cakes.

As a child, I believed that sport is constant violence against yourself; something I will never enjoy. Or I will, BUT only when the results come.
Now I think that sport is a constant learning of something new, it is getting pleasure not only from the result, BUT also from the process; This is an environment of people with whom it is comfortable and interesting for me to develop. And this is a place where you won't kill yourself from physical activity, but will develop your strength skills while enjoying it

My students inspire me more than any world champions

Besides jump rope, I am interested in dancing, i like video editing, i study Spanish and Hebrew, listen to gentle-teaching podcasts and read books. I also like listening to music while sitting in the park

My favorite food is cereal with milk

For me, the perfect sport is a sport in which there is no strict hierarchy - student and coach communicate as friends. An environment that will motivate me to defeat myself, and not other athletes.

1:1 classes
60 min.
100 shekels

60 min.
200 shekels

an hour of jump rope training burns about 600 kcal
15 minutes of jumping rope replaces an HOUR of running
jump rope increases blood circulation and improves heart function
Text Yana