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Workshop with Аmir Salihi 2018

This camp was an anniversary - for the 10th time we invited a foreign guest to our intensive camp. The charming, incredibly technical, open-minded Amir came to us. There was a lot of single rope, we learned how to rotate DD to the music, which is very important for performances and any shows. We tried to connect power moves with releases and manipulations, which worked out quite well. In addition to the training sessions themselves, of course, we had a blast at the evening and extra events:
a crazy Halloween party, a dance battle between teams, Staff Show - watching all the new dance routines we learned at camp in a show format; in which every participant of our camp took part.

date: November 3 - November 5, 2018
Venue: Nadezhda sports complex, Chekhov
number of participants: 41